Kana Akatsuki's Violet Evergarden New Promotional Video Revealed

Violet Evergarden gets new promotional video featuring Yui Ishikawa's performance as "Violet".

Anime adaptation of Illustrator Akiko Takase and author Kana Akatsuki's Novel "Violet Evergarden" has got a new preview/promotional video . Kyoto Animation revealed the new promotional video for "Violet Evergarden" on Friday(11.08.17) . The Video features the main character Violet Evergarden , voiced by Yui Ishikawa along with other supporting characters like Benedict Blue ,Claudia Hoggins,Cattleya Boudelaire and Gilbert Bougainville.

The Anime adaptation project was announced by Kyoto Animation previous year in the month of May. Episode 1 was previewed at a screening at Anime Expo on July 2, 2017.While the Regular broadcasting will begin in January 2018 . 

The story of "Violet Evergarden" goes like this- 

Violet Evergarden Cover 
A world where Professor Orlando, a scientist, creates a series of robots (known as "Auto Memory Dolls") to assist his wife Molly, an author, in writing her novels after she loses her sight. Later, the Auto Memory Dolls are repurposed as weapons of war.
                                                  At the conclusion of a 4 year war that tore the continent of Tersis apart, an Auto Memory Doll namedViolet Evergarden retires from fighting and takes a job with a postal company. Violet is haunted by a word that she heard on the battlefield, a word that was told to her by the most important person in her life, a word that she doesn't understand. By touching human lives and human hearts through her work in taking dictation, Violet Evergarden searches for the meaning of the word.

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